Tree Felling and Removal

Trees are usually only removed entirely when there is no other option. This may be for safety reasons, typically when a tree is decaying or dead, or it may be necessary to clear a building plot or an overgrown garden. K&S Treecare have the experience, qualifications and equipment to deal with any tree requiring felling and removal, no matter how difficult the situation.

Tree felling within the confines of a property, particularly in an urban environment, can be an intricate and potentially dangerous process. It should not generally be undertaken by anyone without considerable experience and knowledge of working with trees. To do so may put life at great risk or cause damage to property.

At K&S Tree Care our tree surgeons are very experienced in the felling and dismantling of mature trees within confined spaces. We use the latest and most up-to-date rigging equipment and techniques, allowing our operatives to safely and efficiently dismantle trees with the minimum of disruption to the client and the general public.

No two trees are the same and each may require very different methods of controlled felling and removal. Depending on the situation and the surrounding hazards felling may either be done as a ‘whole tree’ process or (more often) sectionally. We will advise on the safest and most cost-effective method in each situation.


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