We were in the papers!

Well, the Dundee Courier anyway. Here’s some of the article by Angus Whitson –  you can download the whole PDF by clicking the image.

courier_articleEach morning the dogs and I have passed a tall beech tree at the start of that walk. Not any longer. By lunchtime it was away. Kyle Davis of K&S Treecare of Careston, near Brechin was directing operations, assisted by Joe Stubbs andTomas Kyncl.

I could hardly credit that it had to come down. It had a fine crown of new foliage and looked good for another hundred years. But I hadn’t noticed the extent of disease caused by the loss of a major limb through storm damage.

When sap rises in a tree in spring, and the canopy of new leaves opens, a large branch can double its weight and the whole tree become like a sail in a high wind.This tree was unstable and clearly a potential hazard.

I was corrected when I referred to Kyle and his crew as tree surgeons. Arboriculturists live the high life, working off ropes and harnesses at heights up to a hundred feet. It’s a physical job relying half on climbing, half on rope techniques, soTomas’s rock climbing experience comes in handy.

Health and safety and protective equipment are primary considerations, which is not surprising. Chain saws revolve at the equivalent of 50 mph, so there’s hardly time for second thoughts when you’re swaying in the breeze and the only things stopping you falling off your perch are your safety harness and climbing rope.

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